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Вомбат вомбату - Lasiorhinus krefftii
Вомбат! Вомбат! Вомбат! Вомбат! Вомбат! Вомбат!
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2nd-Nov-2011 06:01 am - осень
You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don't help.
22nd-Oct-2011 07:46 pm - disconnect
Чего-то, как-то в жизни не так... вроде должно быть как-то вот так

а получается как-то вот так
13th-Oct-2011 02:26 am - linguistics
The past tense of "forgo" by rights should be "fervent"
12th-Oct-2011 02:01 pm - about work

I am struggling with the desire to send this to my project manager.
11th-Oct-2011 04:07 pm - вомбат!!!

via wombatik
11th-Oct-2011 02:50 pm - iз спору.нет
#1 - Я, конечно, понимаю, что айкью у тебя больше, чем пенис - но зачем же им размахивать?
#2 Необычайно высоких успехов достигли учёные в деле продолжительности жизни. Теперь вы будете умирать не только мучительно, но и долго.
9th-Oct-2011 02:46 pm - nice
8th-Oct-2011 09:40 pm - cats
Everything you never wanted to know about cats and were afraid to ask

P.S. most of it is rather common knowledge, but some of this stuff is amazing.
16th-Sep-2011 12:16 pm - Flying to NYC
Sometimes things just work out, instead of having a Albuquerque -> Denver -> Kansas City -> Charlotte -> NYC tour of US airports, my flight to Denver was late and I was re-booked for a direct flight from Denver to New York. The experience still sucks though.

9th-Sep-2011 10:57 pm - about userpics
your mom
I found a new userpic. Not sure what kind of posts would warrant this though.
9th-Sep-2011 10:18 pm - about nerds
I think ALL of 7 seasons of Star Trek: Next Generation are explained in episode 21, season 6.
9th-Sep-2011 10:13 pm - about games
I have just read a rant on arstechnica about how great the current gaming industry is and how everybody is complaining about and how unfair it is. Since joining the comment fray seems silly and dangerous for sanity, but the desire to vent is strong, I will list my personal peeves here, where I can only annoy a few people. Today's gaming industry is great, the game selection is incredible, game development becomes more and more available, leading to more creative and artistic titles from smaller publishers. Major brands release games of incredible beauty, depth etc. etc. etc. So, what I want from modern gaming industry (and never going to get, I guess) are three main things:

1. Don't fuck up my computer. I am fine with anti-piracy protection, after all, everyone wants to make a profit, but if you want to use invasive protection schemes, develop some sort of a sandbox where I can install a game without affecting all the rest of my system and which I can reset back to clean slate when I am done with the game. In the current situation, even more benign software tends to not uninstall cleanly under Windows and I will not even start about major brand games.

2. Allow me to protect my investment. If Valve goes bankrupt tomorrow and closes down Steam service, I will lose around $1000 in games. I have been buying games from Steam for a few years and there no way for me to protect them from anything happening to Steam. For a while I might be able to keep Steam client in off-line mode and use "Backup game files" feature, but once the Steam program itself stops working on my system, I will be completely screwed. I am not sure what can be done about this, but the problem is obvious. The closest solution is to only buy boxed games on a physical medium, but a lot of modern games will require some sort of online authentication or confirmation even if you are installing from a physical disk and keeping boxes of DVD is cumbersome and so 20th century.

3. Develop a cross-platform game development API or environment. I understand that this is almost impossible to achieve, but if this ever happens everyone would win. Yes, some truly hard-core gamers will have a gamer's PC, an Xbox, a PC3, a Wii and whatever else (PSP, DS, what else?), but this is insane. I love games, but I do not make money of off them, I play them for fun. And I want my fun to be uncomplicated. I have a game worthy computer, just because I need a computer anyway and I can spend a bit more money to make it playable. Even if I can justify buying a console, which one should I get? PS3 or Xbox? Or both? What about Wii? All of these? How do I play the game on the same monitor with all of these without cumbersome and inefficient KVMs? I guess you get my point.

Those are the three. If someone would solve them they would make me a happy gamer.
"Что изменилось в эти двенадцать месяцев, угадай с налета.
Правильно, ничего почти или очень мало. Пустой был срок."

За это лето, я успел купить новую машину и научиться водить с ручной коробкой (очень всем рекомендую), побывал в Орегоне (очень красиво), полазал по аркам в парке в Юте (там побывали инопланетяне), полетал на параплане (гораздо круче парашютов) и кастрировал (не собственноручно) своих трех кошек. А еще Маша уехала учиться в Бостон, а я остался в Санта Фе. Я от этого пока немного в шоке.
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